Tuesday, September 28

How Do You Say "Welcome Back" in Chinese?

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Herman, a.k.a Hai Ming to all those in "the know", came back in the office today. Along with getting to hear great stories about a far off land called "China." I also got to see great pictures of family, friends and a wall they have over there of slighty impressive length (some might even call it Great).

The picture I chose from the several of cute cousins and Walls of Slightly Impressive Length is the picture of Herman's Grandmother's Birthday cake. Herman bought it for his Grandma himself, which I think is pretty sweet of him. I have no idea what the thing on top is, though. Maybe it's a peach. *shrug* Either way it looks yummy and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't want to sink my canines into a piece of that cake. Yum-mee!


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