Wednesday, September 29

My Life: Animal Style

animal style
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So last night, Jourdan (Mr. Jack) and I were very productive good little humans. We did our laundry, however not near enough to tackle Mt. Needs Washing that lives between our bathroom and our bedroom. But enough that I won't be wearing stinky jeans to work or trying to make a ketchup stain appear to be a fashion statement.

Speaking of ketchup, before we went over to his mom's house to borrow the free washer/dryer, we stopped off at California's Numero Uno Burger Joint, In & Out. I'd heard from Sandler that the newest craze all the kids were trying is fries, animal style. I'm a HUGE fan of their burgers and always get my I&O burger done animal style, so I was eager to try the fries. In one word: messy. They tasted good but I had to borrow some of his clean fries to enjoy them. I'd order them again but hold the sauce and with another order of plain fries. Not to mention I wouldn't get my burger done AS either. Just a bit too much animal for this mammal.

So after the belly got fed, I parked my hindquarters on mom's sofa and delved into the world of trash TV. Currently, I live cable/TV free and rely on books, magazines, video games, crazy kitties, mr. jack, and netflix for my entertainment. I like to think I've blossomed during this zen-like TV free existence but last night...I realize I might just be fooling myself. After flipping from A-Z Angelina Jolie on Vh1 to Swapping Moms on FOX back to Queer Eye, I realized that my zen-like existence is as much of a sham as cubic zirconium. Not that I'm going to be rushing out to sign up for PREMIUM EXTREME cable but I certainly won't be looking down my nose at any shmoe who watches reality crap TV. I may be a trendy asshole but I refuse to be a hypocritical one.


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