Wednesday, November 23


Before I embark on Turkey Cook Off '05, I wanted to list a few things I'm thankful for so that when I have my mental breakdown tomorrow(some time between chopping the porcinis and baking yams), I'll have something to look at to remember I was once sane, happy, and grateful.

1. Mr. Jack - he makes my life complete. I didn't know the full extent of happy until we wed.

2. WoW/ToD - I have met some of the best people in such a sort amount of time. Thanks once again Jenny for pointing me in the right direction.

3. Realization #714 - being stressed doesn't = being productive.

4. Mel - You are a blessing to me.

5. Chicken & Waffles - I tried C&W for the first time this year and I have to say, finding C&W in Jack London Square taught me so many things. (1) I will always be a grape of wrath. (2) That isn't a bad thing. (3) The world is really much smaller than one thinks.

6. Jasper & Josie - You two are the highlight of my day. You both have such strong personalities and watching you get in and out of trouble is better than anything on MTV.


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