Thursday, September 30

I've Only Got Nose...For You....

Little Tomatoes
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I'm the sort that goes to the Farmer's Market to buy kettle corn. Even when surrounded by the earth's bounty of colors, tastes and textures, I'm still attracted to the unnaturally sweet kettle corn. It's as if my nose is a radio that automatically tunes itself to the K.Corn frequency. Even when scents of sliced asian pears and homemade chicken soup bombard the air, my nose only smells the sugary salty flavor or kettle cooked popcorn.

I did get some lovely pictures while I was there and am tempted to post them all. Speaking of something lovely, I saw the head of a sunflower loaded with seeds. It was pretty cool to see and visually awaken to the idea that my summertime seeds actually don't grow naturally in the plastic 50 cent bags that bloom at roadside gas stations.

Afterwards, Paul, Jourdan and I continued our conversation about how we could afford to live in SF if each of us went in together on a place with two other people. I jokingly mentioned we should start looking for this "fictious" home and Paul agreed. So maybe we'll get to start house shopping in SF for our "never to be" home. What fun!


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