Monday, November 28

No one died but the turkey

As usual, my main concern with cooking is that no one dies because of food poisoning. I actually fear cooking because of this reason alone. Though the idea of sticking my hands inside a cold dead bird's slimy carcass doesn't appeal to me either. But I'm happy to report that all Thanksgiving day feasters are healthy, well Mr. Jack is starting to get a wee bit of a cold but that's a seasonal thing not a turkey related incident. The stuffing was a bit mushy, too much broth, but tasty. The bread was yum but it wasn't home made mearly home toasted. The turkey was juicy and rather tasty especially with the homemade cranberry and orange sauce. The green beans while not as mushy as I'm used to were far and away much better than the hard and crunchy steamed ones that I usually have served. The only missing ingredient was mashed potatoes and apparently EXCELLENT, fantabulous sweet potato stuff doesn't make up for it. Note to self: buy box of fake potatoes next year. Course as Mr. Jack told Father Perla last night.."I was able to talk her into it this year, I wouldn't hold my breath."


Blogger Jenny said...

Congrats on doing dinner, that's great! And the instant mashed potatoes do work really well, remind me to tell you the trick for making them healthier and yummier. :)

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