Sunday, October 3

I Love Graffiti

I Love Graffiti
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Geez, work is really getting in the way of my blogging. Shame on you financial security!

So, on Thursday night, Paul, Jenny, Jourdan and I all went to see Paul's cement pond (a.k.a. his foundation). Seems Paul has decided to own a piece of Natomas and we were all the lucky ones who got to see it during the early stages. Jenny, was clever!, and brought her camera to take some pictures. I on the other hand left mine on the couch to rest. It'd had a hard day of sitting in my purse with the anxious anticipation of clicking away at Paul's house. Oh well, I'm over it...(not really).

Afterwards, we went to IHOP for some grub. Jenny had coupons! I had a deck of Mulan cards that someone gave at the wedding! And Jourdan had a grilled cheese with pickle, that I lifted. I also had the chicken fried steak dinner. I'm pleased to say not only was it edible but it was very yummy and hit the spot for this transplanted 'Grape.' Then were were off to see kitties, namely Jenny's, and then home so that I could get my sims2 on. (I've got a wee bit of a problem.)

Friday was work and I got NO blogging done! But I did get some work done. Sometimes it feels like it's either or. Now that Karen is back from Hawaii, the work is flowing again so I've been busy.

Saturday, today, was nice. Jourdan and I went to our WW meeting. He's almost at his goal weight and I lost a pound. WOO HOO! 30#s total! So, how does mrs. jack celebrate a 30# loss? Why a slice of cherry pie from Rick's dessert diner, of course! Jourdan and I shared one as I've come to learn that bad things shared are less bad. While on the way to my sinful celebration, I ran across a couple of interesting graffiti tags all saying "I love you" with red paint in diffent ways. The first five or so that I saw I couldn't quite pick out what it was saying and this is the one where I finally detected the not-so-secret message.


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