Tuesday, March 8

moving in & out...

are my neighbors moving?

these are a few of the boxes that are no longer in our hallway. our lovely neighbors are moving--somewhere. unlike the previous neighbors, who lived across from us for as long as we were there, we didn't really get to know these neighbors very well. and from the looks of it our chance of getting to know them is nearing the end. since our neighbors are moving--so are we. while i adore our apartment, the carpet & cat yack issue just annoys me to NO END. so we're moving across the hall to the same apartment but in reverse and with cat yack friendly hard wood floors.

((sorry about the lack of picture yesterday--flickr was having a bad day.))


Anonymous Bob said...

Ooh, I can wait to slide around on the floor. Watch the kitties slide around also is quite amusing. I can't wait to see it!
Luv ya!

11:12 AM  

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