Wednesday, March 2

rose colored water


today, jourdan and i agreed to start looking for a house. a big step. a scary step. but a good step...i think. at first when the idea of a house was just "fairytale" it was unsurprisingly "ideal, easy, and oh so fun." but now of course i getting an inkling of what's in store and i'm anxious, excited, and unsure. funny how the grass is always greener on someone else's mortgage. hopefully, we'll do okay...but i'll most definitely need to stop seeing home ownership through my rose colored water--cause it's not always peaches and cream..sometimes is a leaky roof.

((fountain outside my office))


Blogger Jenny said...

I want a new (read as - same features but smaller and lighter) camera, but I know I don't need one. :) It's not about the camera, it's about the photographer. A bad camera can't ruin a good picture, but a fabulous camera with a bad photographer will still give bad pictures. From what I've seen you've got the photography skills down pretty darn well. :) And today's is pretty pretty!

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