Wednesday, November 30

explain yourself

After reading yesterday's post I realized, I never mentioned why I was wanting to keel MS Outlook. How rash of me! How very..gangsta?

Anyways, I'm gearing up for another fair at work and yesterday needed to send out an email to 700 people. MS Outlook however decided that I really didn't need to send that email out to "all of them" and only a chosen select few. How nice of Outlook to decide that for me. So yesterday's post was more venting than post. But I suppose that works just as well. Follow up: Today MS Outlook decided to finish sending those emails so perhaps a little blogger threat posting works after all. NOTE TO SELF: Threaten Britney Spears and hope she reads this and stops recording.

Moving on, Mr. Jack is sick today. He hasn't been feeling that good at all lately, mostly since Thanksgiving. Er..after. BUT I REPEAT THIS IS NOT T-DAY DINNER RELATED! So he's at home feeling puny and hanging out with Josie and Jasper while I'm at work. Funny thing is that I feel a bit different with him not here at work. Like I know I won't be getting those midday phone calls or I won't see him at lunch and I'm a bit sad. Damn that man for imbedding himself in my daily routine! DAMN HIM!

I wrote my goodbye RP post for WoW today. I didn't want to and I'm not looking forward to posting it. I'm going to miss everyone and miss them just enough to want to renew the game if only to log on and chat, but I can't do that. I have trouble justifying paying for a chat program and I know I need to get my butt in gear and start doing things in the RL server. But considering how I'm already getting lonely for the game and I haven't even left yet, I'm certain that I'll be back. It's just a matter of time.

In related news, I'm hooked on Sims 2 again. I had a great time Monday night, sitting on TS with Catrena and playing Sims. She makes me laugh so very very hard. I'm hoping to set a schedule for myself not replace old WoW time with Sims 2 time but actually start crafting again. I forget sometimes that I too can do things that my Sims do. Why can't I be someone's Sim? They have more active lives than I do!


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