Monday, October 4

Banana Pie & Salty Crust

Sunday, I finally pinned down some time with the Po (Paul) and together we made a rather untasty pie. I really wanted to make piecrust, since I've never done it before and my great-grandmother (whom I've never met) used to make FAB-U-LOUS piecrust according to Dad. I figured if I could make piecrust as well or better than maybe it was some cool way that both she and I were connected.

Well obviously, the connection between here and the afterlife goes through the Dead Sea 'cause my piecrust was a bit salty and not too sweet. I'm glad that I had the slice of pie yesterday from Rick's so I could have a good basis to work from. Anyway, even if it was a bit too salty in my opinion, nothing could overtake the monstrosity inside the pie walls. The first level was pure chocolate (a fine start), the second level a layer of chopped bananas, the third a level of chocolate pudding, and the fourth a concoction of the remainder of the chocolate pudding mixed with the banana pudding. When mixed together the formed a peanut butter colored blob of bad taste. *shrug* Oh well! At least the crust turned out okay. I'm certainly going to use pie weights next time but for a first time it wasn't too bad.

I'm actually tempted to stop by the grocery store tonight, pick up some more filling and whip up another pie. (This new hobby is not timely, considering my renewed commitment to WW.)

Once again, my stomach has it out for me. ;)


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