Thursday, October 14

Mr. Meow Pants

Mr. Meow Pants
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I was surfing flickr today and found this picture.

Recently during my "I must do it NOW!" cleaning tirade I misplaced the wires that connect my camera to my mactacular for downloading my works of art. So for the time being, said art, is residing on my camera. Mr. jack came up with a nifty way to download them by switching the camera memory disk with his mom's camera (but I know she'll be calling for it soon!) so I don't want to get too used to this situation as it will be at best temporary.

Speaking of temporary, I had a nice temporary feeling of joy as I won a lovely blank t-shirt from the campus bookstore today. This week all of..or most of UCD is getting pumped about homecoming. I think most students are just focused on getting into the swing of classes, hooking up, or drinking. But I'm not part of the student population so I can't really say that I have my finger on the pulse of student UCD life.

The sky is pretty pink today because of all the fires in Reno lately. Yesterday I noticed all the shadows were pink and didn't know why. Today I found out! So I've take a picture of the view outside my window for posterity. Course it'll probably be historical by the time I get my camera wire back. *sigh*


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