Wednesday, October 6

soup ala Shel by mrs.jack

I'm a huge Shel Silverstein fan, always have been or at least since the 1st grade. I've curled up and fallen asleep to the greats, Hug of War & practically_everything_in Where The Sidewalk Ends. I recall sitting/laying on the floor/playing with the velcro on my sneakers while Ms. Kaufman or Ms. Vanderpool read from the Silverstein library. Regardless of my age, there has always been something very pied-piperish about his stories, poems, and fables.

So it is with this love of all things Shel that I post today. My bestest friend, Ellie has recently been in the habit of having chicken noodle soup for breakfast. And I can't help but think that her story of love of chicken noodle soup for breakfast would make a great Shel poem. So I'd like to say thanks to El for inspiring me and reminding me of one of the best things from my kidhood.

Soup by Shel
by mrs. jack

There's a little girl
in a very big world
who likes to have soup
for breakfast

She enjoys the taste
and lets none go to waste
when she has soup
for breakfast

she goobles up
from her chicken noodle cup
when she has soup
for breakfast

each day she
doesn't eat much
but she always has soup
for breakfast

try to find her one day
as you're on your morning way
having her soup
for breakfast

you with your coffee cup
her with her noodle cup
having her soup
for breakfast

she might not smile
while slurping noodles in style
as she's having her soup
for breakfast

but know she'd say 'how do you do?'
to all of you
if she wasn't busy having soup
for breakfast.


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