Monday, October 11

Rats! Foiled again!

Josie & Daddy
Originally uploaded by mrsjack.
I took this photo a couple of days ago and just found it to be sooo cute. Since I've been using my camera loads more than usual, mr. jack and I were surfing through my iPhoto library for fun. Checking out pictures of Josie when she was a wee kitten and cruising through pictures of mini-breaks with friends. While perusing the library of nonsensical pictures, I noticed a theme of pictures of me sleeping. Each time we'd run over one, mr. jack would stop, smile, and give the appropriate "ah." I on the other hand would get a little upset at having my precious slumber invaided. I suppose I could take less naps but let's be honest that's SO NOT going to happen. So I decided a few days ago that alls fair in love and napping pictures. And since mr. jack doesn't nap often I'd have to strike early in the morning, which I did. But unfortunately, either the camera was too loud or I sleep like a rock (more of the latter) because before the revenge shot could even get taken, mr. jack pulled down his boxers and gave me a nice shot of his cheek. Alas he still has the upperhand but I have a picture of his uppercheek so I suppose all's even until next time. *bwhahahaha*

P.S. I'm so obviously not posting that picture.


Blogger KayFPPC said...

LOL You are getting as bad as me in taking "private" pics. Luv ya always, Chica!

12:00 PM  

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