Wednesday, October 13

It's Fatal...I'm so in love....

Signs that I'm hooked...

1) You're the background of my beloved mactacular, even after I've downloaded snazzy new holiday backgrounds from pixel girl.

2) Little notes you've written get put up on my "wall of fame" at my office.

3) When you stay home for a day off, all I can think about is how long before I get to see you again.

I'm so in love with my husband that it even makes me sick sometimes. OY! Today mr.jack opted to take advantage of the fact he's an official UC employee and take a day off. So while I'm having lunch with the Po at Sam's we're talking about him (in a nice way). And while I'm working, I'm looking at the clock thinking about a) what is he doing, b) when can I go home to him, or c) it's STILL ONLY 3:17?!?!? I'm hooked on a feeling ala BJ Thomas and I'm afraid there's no cure. Not even more cowbell could help me now. *sigh*


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