Tuesday, October 12

"So, right now I'm in my closet.."

So, right now I'm in my closet..
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Sunday, mr. jack, Po, and I went to go see his house. It's still in the formative stages and isn't really much more than some concrete and some wood planks with the odd plastic pipe every so often. It's really a great experience that I've had the privilege to get involved in. I got to go to the design center and oh and ah over floor tiles and banisters while munching on free carrots. And I've been able to visit the site from time to time for the odd picture. The first time we went, I was sans camera but this time I was slightly more prepared and borrowed Jourdan's mom's instead. I got to snap a few shots, (as you see here) before we were run off by the law in the form of a rent-a-cop. He quickly shooed us off the site and I seemed to be the only one opposed to him doing so. When did I get so obstinate toward the law? Or is it just the "semi-law" enforcers that burn my toast? Either way, Paul didn't seem to want to start a feud with anyone and we scuttled on quickly. I did get a few choice shots and I'll make sure to a get a few more. So until my next run in with the "semi-law" I'll be safe. I wonder if this is how the journalists in Iraq got their start.


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