Wednesday, November 24

Blah is now a verifiable emotion

Not much to report today. I played WoW for a while had the usual excellent time! Took a nap that went far too long and made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving tomorrow along with a cherry pie. I'm pleased to mention that my cherry pie has a lovely little criss cross pattern on top complete with sheep cut out. I'm thinking the sheep cut out might be my new calling card. Oh I also did the mess of dirty dishes from yesterday's pie extravaganza while jamming out to some 'Beautiful Garbage' from the iPod. And the requisite kitty pets.

Other than that not too much. Being at home with only felines for company can actually be quite boring. Not that I want to insult my feline oppressors but they just don't offer much in the way of stimulation and conversation. Except for the "meow" pets and "meow" food talk. And after they've been adequately petted and fed, not in the order, what's left?

Oh and I do indeed have a FAB-u-LOUS husband. I asked him to pick me up some pumpkin goo for the extra pie and a Diet Dr. Pepper (I CRAVE THEM!). And he did indeed bring both back but he also brought back a straw and a cup of ice because he knows that I LOOooOve my soda with ice and a straw. I'm so in love, with him, and Diet Dr. Pepper complete with straw and cup of ice.

Oh and we jiffy popped some popcorn. Quite the busy night at the Perla household, yes? No.


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