Wednesday, November 17

If I were feeling SUPER...I'd look like this...

It would be my mission to defend Canada from all deragatory comments and slanderous statements. I would show the world that Cannucks are people too...wierd people but nonetheless. My special talent would be the ability to make fried beaver sandwich and kill people by singing 'O Canada' until maple syrup ran out their ears from the pain. And if that didn't work then I'd call in my cohort Celine, assuming she wasn't busy making another baby with her grandpa/husband Rene.

But unfotunately, today I do not feel super. I feel sub par to be exact. My lymphnodes are the size of english walnuts and my brain feels like what it looks like when someone is on "the drugs." Just updating my blog is taking me far longer than it should. I went to the doctor on Monday and after leaving I feel asleep and didn't really wake up until 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Today has been better as I haven't slept ALL DAY (only half of it) and I have managed to keep food down and swallow things. I promise from this moment forward I will never take my ability to swallow for granted. I have never been so scared in my life as I was when Tuesday morning I tried to swallow an Ibuprofen and choked to the point of tears. After that I just cried cause I was scared, don't like being sick, and cause sometimes I just enjoy crying.

But hopefully I will feel better soon but until then I shall entertain myself with little Internet games such as "make your own superhero" and watching mr. jack kick D.O.A butt while he collects more pretty girl outfits for his sickly wife.


Blogger maquina said...

no degradatory comments 4 u mrs. cat...nice one

8:35 PM  

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