Friday, October 29

he's read my instruction manual...

So he's smart. I knew that when we we're dating. But I'm a woman, a rather crafty one at that, and I figured sure after a while he'd clue into some of my subtle nuances like I enjoy getting tickled behind the knee, I get quiet when I'm nervous/scared/mad but each quiet is different, etc. But never in my seven year dating experience was I prepared for the day when I realized HE'S READ MY INSTRUCTION MANUAL. No, and I ALL CAP NO woman wants to think she's as easy to read as a book. I'm mean sure we'll bait the guy into dating us by saying lines like "No, I'm not complicated..." or "If I want something, I'll just tell you..." but we don't mean it. We like leaving coy little hints and half clues to see if he really does know us or if he has learned to read our minds. But we never expect them to do it! NO! It's more of a smug game we play (and by WE I now mean ME) to prove to ourselves that we are complicated, complex creatures.

But alas, sometime during our marriage I must have left my instructional manual lying around the house, because mr. jack_knows_me. He I work and in turn how to make me work. I feel almost like a puppet with him holding my strings. Case in point: He knows I freak out about flying from time to time and don't pack until the very last minute SO he tells me we're leaving on vacay a day earlier than we are. Grant you it turned out to work out for the best because I'm much more prepared that I usually am. But that's not the point! The point IS he knows and this could be dangerous. I'm treading unfamiliar waters here and I would be lying if I didn't say I'm nervous. The boy knows too much!

In other news, we didn't win the door-decorating contest in our apartment building, mr.jack didn't seem all to upset about it. But my competitive spirit would not be quashed by a "bad judgment" and I firmly believe that WE were the best decorated but that the judges were swayed by the fact we won last time. Now that could be so very not true but it helps me sleep at night, so what's one teeny fib between mentally unstable neurons?

As I alluded to earlier, we're leaving on vacay. Mr.jack has planned everything and for a control freak like myself that's a little scary. I equate this vacation to one of those corporate retreats where people fall into other people's arms to build trust or something. Considering he's swiped my instruction manual, I figure I'm in good hands. But we'll see. I'm somewhat optimistic but I'm also OCD so this could be interesting.


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I know what you mean- I don't think I know one single female that doesn't expect men to read our minds. I really wanted my boyfriend (now ex) to get me this ring similar to one I got him, and it took a good year or so of hints for him to actually do it. I think our nature is faulty sometimes. Ah well. Congratulations on your marriage!

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