Thursday, October 21

if my mind were a room...

my mother would be saying "clean it up!"

not that my head is dirty, though it can be, but more that it feels disorganized. there's been so much happening in the world, so much good..with so much bad pending that it's hard for me to focus on one thing. instead i get lost in the beautiful mess between my ears and whittle away time to nothing.

-the guy who just walked by oustide kinda looked like joey ramone with a scarf on that looked like it was from the gap, but didn't want to be.
-the boston red sox won and my first thought wasn't "boy is this historical" but rather i wonder what jennifer garret has to say about this.
-i had nachos today with po and mr. jack. they were yummy and near the end when the beans were dashed with cheese drips and guacamole cities had tomato capitals, i kinda thought it was pretty and that I could sell a picture of it in a gallery.
-am i more mad at myself today for being mad at mr.jack for not getting up or for being mad at myself for being mad at him for not getting up. and how lame does it make me that i just want us to be happy so i'd rather not be mad cause that disrupts what i'd rather have.
-i would really really like to stay up and listen to loveline in bed. cause mr.jack always makes me laugh when we do that. and i enjoy little more than just cuddling in the warm sheets with my pink skeleton bear and him and laughing.

that's mind is cleaner, more organized, and decisive (two out of three ain't bad, right?). now to get the house in order after my WW meeting.


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