Wednesday, October 20

too old for this young skin

'this is for you yamagata's'
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I've always been told, by my mother mostly, that I'm a very mature person. And because I'€™ve heard that a trillion times over, I think either a) I am mature for my age or b) have become mature for my age. Either way, sometimes I feel old in this young skin. So I try and break up my life of maturity with fits of spontaneous fits of youthfulness. For example, today I'm wearing a nice proper looking pants and respectable red top combo. Nothing cute, nothing fun, nothing young, but under my big black boots lurk monkey socks! Hot red monkey socks complete with toe sockets. But even these_wild_youthful indulgences can seem tame from time to time, so I step it up.

Last night was just such an occasion. I went to SF to see a concert! Not a big deal for your average raver/twinkie but for me it was huge. My poison of choice: Rachael Yamagata. She's a soulful young thing with eyes that speak of maturity that I haven'€™t even found yet. But her words, while deep, seem lightened by their romantic subject matter. Her songs don'€™t speak of saving the world but rather of finding her love and her place to stand called home.

So here I am standing amongst many people, some younger a few older than myself, listening to a person who in a strange way mirrors myself. She'€™s young yet her spirit is old. Her concerns are lighthearted and youthful but her reasoning is deep and frock with age old wisdom.

Last night, I found comfort in my own too young skin in the strangest places: in the middle of too many people's personal space in uncomfortably cute boots with a rainy grey hoodie.


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