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October 16--The Sweetest Day

The Sweetest Day
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Earlier this week, while I was checking out close I am to DST ending, I noticed another day of specialty upon the horizon, "The Sweetest Day." Personally, I've never heard of it before but I have to say upon reflection it lived up to it's name.

That morning, mr. jack came in at 6 a.m. from Jenny's house. After hours and hours of shadowrunning with the boys, he'd returned home in one piece. (A non-disembodied husband is always a good start to any day let alone the sweetest one.) We snuggled and cuddled and slept in and in until around 10 when I finally pulled myself from the bed. He joined me and we played a bit of Leisure Suite Larry, an incredibly raunchy game that often makes even mr. jack "ew" in perverted disgust. But let it be known that I enjoy every foul minute of it.

About midday, Serina (a friend from the last job) called to let me know she was on her way to pick me up. Karen (another friend from the job) and Serina came up with the clever idea to have a tea party. We had such a great time! Miranda (Karen's daughter), Karen, Serina and I all sipped tea from delicate little cups and ate yummy sandwiches or quiches and finished up with yummy little cakes. Then back to Karen's big house that looks quite lovely and homey considering it's large size. While there Miranda, Serina and I played Barbies. It'd been a while since I delved into the land of Ms. Barbie & Associates but I'm happy to report that it's easy to pick up again. Perhaps my gossip hounding and interest in fashion gave me an unfair advantage of Serina, but I play to win. Even if it is just Barbies.

After I showed 'em how Barbie is played, Serina dropped me off at Jenny's house for game night. While mr. jack, Dave and John finished up their Shadowrun game, Jenny and I gave Cookie pets and watched X. X, btw, is a VERY GOOD anime that's available from netflix, Ellie! Then the boys joined us and Jenny tortured us with Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, a bad bad bad attempt at risque anime ala Clamp. So since Dave now needed to wash the memory of Miyuki-chan from his mind, we went to Suzie's, local pRon seller. While there I found the smallest little “guy” I’ve ever seen. 3 inches, TOTAL. And in any sex shop very small and very big equal very funny.

After finding nothing in our price range at Suzie’s we returned home to Jenny’s with KFC. After we finished off dinner the boys were ready for another ‘run.’ I’ve always not so secretly tortured mr.jack for playing Shadowrun. And for some reason when I said ‘I do’ last month, a switch flipped and I’ve wanted to become more involved in everything he’s involved in. Turns out I had a great time! The boys (po, john, dave, and mr.jack) and I teamed up for two ‘runs.’ I had a great time as the "Face." Now I can see why mr.jack enjoys it so.

But even aside from all of that, the sweetest part of "The Sweetest Day" wasn’t even on 10/16. While we were driving home at 4 in the morning mr.jack said..."You're definetely the COOL wife." What can I say the man knows the way to my heart & my ego.


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Aww, that is a great combo for this day that neither of us has heard of. It's just called X huh? OK. I love you chica and alrady getting ready to come out there. i gotta find lost of stuff. Great Job Jack, like my aol profile says. This is "Jack's Expertise!"

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