Sunday, October 24

What he's missing I have & vice versa.

Stonehenge had cel phones.
Originally uploaded by mrsjack.
(If you look at the guy standing in the back you'll notice he's using his cel.)

Yesterday, mr.jack and I had to make a run up to Davis to get his wallet. mr.jack has a certain knack for forgetting things of non-importance (e.g. his wallet, keys, etc.) from time to time. This habit used to annoy me, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me this past Saturday, but on the thirty minute car trip I realized. For every minute little flaw he has he's got seven great features that I wish I had. Sure I don't lose my keys that often but I can lose my temper and let the smallest little something get under my skin. While mr.jack doesn't at all. He's very easy breezy and I'm Japonesey to quote Utada's latest song. So maybe I'm not the perfect person I think I am from time to time but neither is he and that makes us perfect. We both know each other's faults but love each other despite them. And who knows maybe I can teach him to keep track of his keys and he can teach me how to find peace.


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