Monday, October 25

Goddess of Night

Hmm..this is actually rather me. I'm surprised.

You are the Goddess of Night. You are much
differant than the Goddess of Darkness, you are
beautiful and full of passion and life, but you
often stay locked inside yourself. Chances are
that you're a poet or other artist, and create
beautiful works. Some people are drawn to you
and others percieve you as a freak, but don't
listen to what others have to say, just listen
to yourself. You have a passion for words and
chances are you love Shakespere and the like.
You want to surround yourself with people who
accept but often feel like nobody likes you,
but remember that's not true, and you have a
lot to offer, just believe in yourself. As for
love, you are either too trusting or you trust
no one. Guys are stupid, unless you find one
that will see you for who you really are and
not how others percieve you. You tend to
either one extreme or the other, hardley ever
in the middle. Just listen to yourself and you
will go far. Rock On

What are you goddess of?
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