Monday, November 8

My Home is Human

Maybe it's because I made such a big move after college but it seems my roots haven't fully took to their new ground. I realized this after I came home last night and while it was a relief to be done with the airport and off the airplane, I didn't feel that warm and fuzzy feeling of excitement of being home that I became accustomed to during my youth.

I thought that maybe I'd become jaded by age and experience and the thrill of coming home was one that had evaporated with time. But this morning as I popped on AIM I got a friendly little message from a close friend and suddenly a twinkling of that sunny "welcome home" sensation drifted in. Then another friend joined us for lunch and I practically squeezed him to death while we were eating our basmati rice. So I proudly state for all the internet to know: My cup overfloweth with joy to be home.

Turns out that I didn't become jaded I just needed to readjusted my brain to Home v2.0: The Human Home. So fair warning to all of my friends, I will be seeing each of you soon and squeezing you until you pop.


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