Tuesday, November 9

Blogs from the Road//Buffalo are NOT welcome in Hell

No Buffalo
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I found hell, its at the Kansas City Airport. I never completely understood how bad architecture can affect a situation but now after traveling through this maze of no local food courts, bathrooms, and long lines for the TSA check in. From this point on I will make a point of NEVER traveling through this blasphemous airport. Should I have to drive an additional 3-5 hours to divert myself travel as to avoid this horrid atrocity, I shall.

I’m glad to say though that this has been the only hiccup on what has been a wonderful trip. The week of debauchery and history in New OrLEENs was wild, fun, and informative. For example, I learned that mrs.jack LOVES Pat O’Briens’ hurricanes and that under the influence of said hurricanes, mrs.jack can have an enjoyable time on Bourbon Street. Prior to this discovery, I rather disliked the stinky street that was crammed with wall-to-wall people and poured loud music as often and plentifully as it poured booze. But after putting on my Hurricane glasses I found the street delightful and entertaining and I in turn became more bubbly, delightful and entertaining. The best ambassador for that street is Rum. And for any who venture forth to New Orleans, I highly recommend getting your Hurricane glasses on first.

Other than drink, which I did more of than I have ever in my life, mr.jack and I visited many of the local historical sites, e.g. the Old Mint, Jazz Museum, Congo Square, the Cemeteries, St. Alphonses Church, Magazine Street, and countless others. I took so many pictures that I still haven’t organized them all. But I promise to do so as soon as I get the kitties adequately petted and take a much-needed shower.

Btw, another reason to hate the KC airport: the wifi service costs money! The few airports I’ve visited that offered wifi did so free of charge, but not Hell in the Heartland. (sigh) I can’t wait to get home!!


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