Monday, November 22

Resident Pet Giver

Jasper Cat: ready to move
Originally uploaded by mrsjack.
So I have this week off for holiday and I'm already bored. I've called most of the "working shmoes" I know already and I've attempted at no success to persuade mr. jack to step out of work a wee bit early. Alas, the boy is dedicated to giving a full day since today is his first day of official F/T work.

So I'm home, sprawled out underneath my quilt petting Jasper. (Whom I renamed Kitty this weekend since he seems to respond to it better.) There are times when I'm so desperate to be alone and yet when I am I never want to be. So luckily my kitties are offering to keep me busy by giving pets. They're so incredibly generous to give of themselves like that, no?

So until 5 when I get human company my feline companions will keep me occupied with bit of flying fur and silky coats until my man comes marching home. Hurrah!


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