Tuesday, November 23

Blogging: The other OTHER white meat

Fall in CA
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So I confess, I'm a geek girl, not because I love a geek so therefore by transference am one (though that too applies) but because in front of me now is the mactacular, my regular blogging helper, but also mr. jacks' PC with World of Warcraft on it.

So while WoW is having lag problems I'm blogging. Yes, mrs.jack has taken a back seat for Audie (my little gnome mage) and Olive (my slightly taller dwarf hunter). Right now I'm watching Audie try and sew together some simple linen pants but alas I know the games is going to crash before she can finish all seven of them. It's been one of those opening nights!

But don't think that it wasn't worth it. Au contrair I've had a great WoW evening. I met up with an old friend from the beta and we've teamed up to fight some stuff. It's been good, it's been fun, and I want some more. So I appease myself and wait and blog. So not that I want mrs.jack to feel second best, but realize that my priorities have changed, much like those of pothead's when they get the money and the desire to move up to crack. It's not that it's better it's just more of a thrill! But like all things I'm sure I'll get a little tired of WoW and I'll be back.

But dear nonexistant readers, don't fret. I'll be back and now because of my guilt I'll try and post more frequently.

P.S. Attached is a picture I took outside today after returning from GameStop with my crac- er WoW game. Who knows this could be the last time I see the oustide until Thanksgiving!

P.S.S. I made Paul and Jenny their pumpkin pies. I hope they like them!


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