Thursday, November 25

You say Turkey I say No Thanks...

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"Clapton is God" might not be what most people think of when they contemplate Thanksgiving but for me it's a good reminder of the family that I'll be celebrating with this year.

Cameron, a huuuge Clapton afficiando, will be in attendance along with Janice, Roger, Debbie, Cynthia and Grandma. I've never been a big fan of the turkey holiday for several reasons 1) I don't like turkey, 2) I don't like eating ANYTHING off the bone, 3) I have asshole family who I spent the holiday with_every_year. When your definition of a good Thanksgiving consists of "no one threatening to kick someone else's ass" you know you might be a bit jaded.

But now as with everything in my life since I've moved to CA. Thanksgiving has new meaning. It means waking up with my husband, giving the kitties their T-day wet food, and bringing him breakfast in bed so that he'll wake up. I find that I like things more now that I'm out here. Everything is new, yes, but now everything is happier, shinier, and gives me more reasons to smile. Such as watching my brother-in-law gulp down how many bottles of Apple Cider or which one of my new aunts will mention shopping on Black Friday first?

So whether it's the same ole holiday or a holiday made new by family, enjoy yourself. Even if that means staying locked away from your family.


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