Wednesday, March 9

spending paper for more paper


i go from addiction to addiction...crack to cocaine...what have you. for the moment, my drug of choice are magazines. loads of magazines. after we got rid of cable (yes, i'm unamerican..blah blah blah) and i didn't get rabbit ears i started getting bored cause i had aaaalll this time. so i'd pick up a book, magazine, internet site or something to read and i haven't stopped since. since we're trying to start saving for a house i realize i have to actually subscribe to them instead of just roving the safeway check outs like an idiot--searching madly for the new Real Simple. only problem is our 1920's charm means we have an ency weency mailbox that no magazine could fit in so we need to get ourselves a p.o. box. suddenly saving money by getting rid of cable is getting rather expensive.


Anonymous Bob said...

Yes you are right. From one thing to another but at least it's not shoes. Something a little less expensive. Luv ya anyway!

2:00 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Hehe, you can always have them sent to my place, you'd get them every M-Th morning with no trip to the post office even! They do have to roll them up a tiny bit, but they do fit. :) I'm more than willing to help since they end up coming back to me anyway once you're done. ;)

8:31 AM  

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