Wednesday, December 1

Right Hand Woah-man*

I'm feeling like quite the "woah-man" this morning! Not only did I get up late but I managed to get dressed in a relatively cute outfit (I received a compliment for it..not bad, no?), feed the kitties their multiple chow (wet and dry), make myself breakfast, make a cute hairdo that has that messy intentional look, and load up my digi cam for some much needed snapshot taking throughout the day. But it gets better, OH YES! I even managed to load the fully charged battery while holding my breakfast and putting on my coat. MULTITASKERS EVERYWHERE, MEET YOUR QUEEN!!! (Only cause I like the lesser title better)

* woah-man Pronunciation: 'wO-m&n, esp Southern 'wO- or 'w&-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural wOAH·men
Etymology: Not Quite English, from mrs.jack
1 a : an adult female person who is kick ass b : (see mrs.jack's morning on 12-1-04 for living defintion)


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