Friday, December 9

and so the cycle continues

I don't remember what day it was this week, but Mr. Jack came home feeling really tired. After a rather long day at work he was very tired and headed straight for bed. Now, I ask you, who of you wouldn't want to cuddle up next to a cute boy in your bed who's hair is all mussed up from the wind and has a cute little red nose from the cold? Well I for one am not that strong. So I curled up under the cover with him and napped. And thus the cycle of messed up internal time clocks began.

I woke up 2 hours later feeling refreshed and ready to have dinner and watch Mr. Jack play Xbox. However, if I'd been smart I would have realized I was far to 'awake' at so late in the evening. However just like the grasshopper I relished until my demise and ate chicken pot pies gleefully while the clock ticked past my bedtime. Far, past my bedtime. A bit before midnight I started to yawn and the idea of returning to bed snuck into my mind. Only then when it was far too late did I stop to check the clock and realize that my internal clock had been corrupted! I rushed to bed and laid there, waiting for sleep to hit me. But things like sleep can not be rushed, so I waited in bed until sometime in the morning when I dozed off.

And so the cycle continues..we nap when we get home every night because we're tired from not getting enough sleep then we can't sleep so we stay up and finally go to bed late. My only hope is that we can correct this cycle of bad sleeping habits tonight since we'll have to stay up to see Narnia at 5ish.

Will the bad sleeping habits finally meet their match? Can Aslan attackle then and force them to control themselves?!? Only time shall tell.


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