Tuesday, April 18

Happy Birthday!

Today is my 27th birthday. Unbelievable to me, is the fact that I could be 27! Ever! It never occured to me when I was dreaming of growing up that people go through those 'middle ages'. So since I have no 'planned expectations' for myself, I get to pretty much make it up as I go along, until of course when I'm 30 and I need to have a kid.

Even as a little kid, I knew numbers were important and your age was a defining number in your life. I just never really thought of it defining me in a bad way. I always figured turning another year older was a good sign. A sign that I'd been successful at maintaining my life for a full year so that much like the DMV, God would renew my life and let me try another.

I am damn proud of what I've done with this past year. I grew up a bit this last year and learned to take it easy on myself. I'm still uptight and tend to go to extremes but not quite so often. I've also put value on taking care of myself. Proof being that I've almost lost 20 pounds since January. And I'm back to the same size I was wearing when I was 18. Not that the size I was wearing at 18 is anything to brag about but getting back to it is. I've also started doing more with my time. I've started walking, belly dancing, and learning to speak Italian. I think my new goal is to be a Jack of all Trades. I might not be the best at something but I'll be mediocre and damn near everything.

So, thanks. Thanks for reading, to those who do. Thanks to husband, for giving me a reason to stick around. Thanks to family, for keeping me grounded but reminding me that I need to fly. Thanks to blue sky, for making me smile. Thanks to new friends, for good laughs, camaraderie, love, and /hugs. And thanks to God, if this is my only chance around I hope I'm making you proud of me.


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