Wednesday, March 8

Blog Rule #1: Actually blog from time to time

Sorry about my lack of posting. I have apparently hit another dry patch. Well to be honest, I've hit an anxiety patch. This past week, I've been anxious about something or another every day. It's tiring and not too fun or interesting. Not to mention, the weather has been quite ho-hum lately with lots of rain and clouds. The rain kept me inside most of this last weekend and the gray sky looks a little to scary. Our IKEA finally opened, and I've yet to go see the new store in all it's grandeur.

1. Clean My Face
First time, I've made it through my monthly flow without a zit. I have noticed lately that I have been going to bed without washing my face. I always catch myself but seems I'm starting to forget. Got to keep up the good work.

3. Lose Weight
I can't believe it but I lost 4 pounds last week! I was completely shocked. I really had figured I'd gain weight because of the flow but nope. I lost and I lost big time! I'm official 12 pounds down! Woot, woot! I also found a new breakfast that I'm really digging: Hummus, baby carrots, cheese, and fruit cup.

5. Start walking
I've kept up on my walking and the 4 pound loss really motivated me! Nothing like a major loss to encourage you to keep exercising. My office workers are talking about getting me to talk at least 4 times a week. EEP! I think I'm going to take it very slowly.


Blogger RedBHK's Blog said...

Just what you need another IKEA store chica! LOL Luv ya all the same.

2:42 PM  

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