Tuesday, January 24

10 minutes until I need to be at the bus stop

I almost wrote bust stop there. Actually I did. I wonder what a bust stop would be like. Just loads and loads of female chests waiting around. I bet men would sure love that. Just lots of disembodied girl chests, with arms and legs, just standing around and waiting. Some might have nice VS bras on maybe the more liberal ones would be without.


1. Clean My Face
Chin Monsters! 2 at the moment with 1 on the way. Filthy bastards! I need to buy some acne cream pronto.

2. Dinner Party
I talked to Meow, who's house I'm holding the Dinner Party at, last night. He's planning on making something as well. I think that means I might only need to make one CPP instead of the two I had planned. Course they do store so well that I could make an extra and give it away as leftovers.

Mmm...bust stop.

Side note: I was so tired last night that I skipped Knitting Class. BAD ME!


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