Monday, January 23

Another weekend saved by Tylenol

Friday night we made a most delicious test pot pie. I'm actually impressed with myself and Mr. Perla. These little cooking adventures are good for many reasons. The foremost being it reminds me that he is so incredibly important to my daily sanity/survival. As where I glance at the recipe, he actuallys_reads_it. I can't explain how important this is because I'm certain our CPP would have been an utter mess if I'd tried it single handely. CPP isn't CPP without..Oh I don't know..sauce! But between my "rushed" approach and his far more attentive and detail approach, we made a super CPP. I'm thinking the pot luck with be a success!

Oh..I got so lost in my CPP euphoria I forgot to mention the rest of the weekend. I woke up sick Saturday morning. How I could go from a CPP high to a cold flu low is unknown. /shrug But after a couple tylenol I was feeling much better and Mr. Jack and ran out for ice cream and Borders time. I love walking around Borders. /le sigh I also picked up the newest Bust magazine complete with interview with Peaches.

Sunday, I was determined to make up for my lack of Saturday by cramming Sunday full of fun activities until I poo'd fun. (I never really poo'd fun but y''s a goal.) We bought me new shoes (one work reliable pair and one PINK!), bought husband some cologne, /le snif snif & swoon..we ate at the Olive Garden, we watched Matador, we visited the in-laws, and we bought yarn for tonight's knitting class. It was a really nice day. One of those that's just...nice. /smile

1. Clean My Face
Kept up religiously with the Clinque cleaning. Maybe I should apply to become a deacon or bishop at the church of Clinque. It's hard for me to keep up with anything but this is a first!

2. Dinner Party
Keep getting in RSVPs with dishes that are being brought! Woot! As I mentioned we made a successful and yummy test CPP. I think we're going to be okay.


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