Friday, January 20

So ready for a weekend...

I'm so ready to sleep in. I've been having the most happy, bizarre dream lately that I keep not finishing. Then I start it all over again the next night. Something involving a man named Abraham who is a passenger on the bus I'm driving. Anyway, maybe I can finish my dream without Kylie Minogue busting in waking me up. A CD alarm clock sounded like such a good idea. Now it just really makes me not like the song that wakes me up.

1. Clean My Face
Okay, I know this is creepy, but I really love blackheads. When those Biore blackhead strips came out I think I died and went to heaven. I just love skin and what it does. Anyway, this brings me to my PORE OF the day report! I had a blackhead on the edge of my lip that I got to cleanse today! Woot! I really should get a microscope cause I'd love to be able to examine the many layers of dirt inside the popped out remains. Oh damn..I am so freaking wierd!!

2. Dinner Party
Husband and I are going to do a test run on the chicken pot pie tonight. I'm rather hopeful. It's going to be educational no matter what. This is the first time I'm making a recipe from epicurious so we shall see.

Side note: We finished Rune Soldier last night. I have to say the series was okay but the final episode certainly made it all worth it. I have a feeling this is one I'll be wanting to re-watch.

Side note 2: I'm adding a picture in hopes that readers will forgive me for the pore fetish. /sigh

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