Tuesday, January 3

new resolution: do what I want.

After a week of waking up mid-morning, my sleep schedule has gone haywire. So haywire in fact that I lay in bed at night thinking. Thinking at night has got to be one of the most dangerous practices known to man. Anything, including the idea I'm about to present, sounds revolutionary at 2 a.m. in the morning. And so it is with that understanding, I present my new blog goal: To Do What I Want. I don't mean this to sound self centered or negative. But how often have I thought "Wow, I'd really like to try open sea kayaking," yet I never even look into the possibility. So I'm going to take this blog and chronicle what I want and if/how I get it done. My wants might not always be interesting and sometimes might not even be logical but merely for a social experiment, with myself as the gineau pig, I'm going to attempt to do what I want.

Goal #1: Clean up my face!
I have outrageous zits right now. It's driving me crazy in fact. So last week I bought some cleanser, toner, moisterizer and tried it out. While some parts of my face look lovely and shimmery. Other parts look ravaged by monsterous red hideous sores. Oh the joys of combination skin! Apparently not even my skin type can settle on just one thing. So last night, I stopped off at a local department store and picked up the Clinque face wash trio. Already my skin feels better. I still have the remains of two red beasties and one on the way (little chin dwelling bastard!) but even they feel appeased and soothed. My goal is to get my crap complexion back in order and then religiously wash my face so I won't be greeted every morning by my apple cheeks and satan in the form of a zit on my chin.


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