Wednesday, December 14

If I had a nickel for every time..

I went to the bay area since Thanksgiving, I'd have fifteen cents. We just got back from the Bay Area. This time we went to see Nickel Creek at the Warfield. They were amazing! The talent for improv and their enthusiasm was contagious. Mr. Jack had a good time and I'm glad considering it's not really his kind of music. I think doing a cover of 'Nice Dream' by Radiohead helped woo him. For me doing a cover of 'Toxic' by Britney Spears was more than enough. But I'm too poppy like that, I suppose. Before heading to the Warfield we shopped at Nordstroms. Usually I consider it too expensive for me but after the superior service, I can understand why people love them so. Mr. Jack bought me some Cynthia Rowley pefume for Christmas. But I'm supposed to be surprised! (Note to self: find out what verbana is.) And prior to that we caught a show at the Balboa. I'm glad to say that surfing the sfgate's epicks finally paid off since I_finally_actually did/attended one of their recommended events. The Balboa is having a Samurai Film Festival this month and that just sounded to Mr. Jack to me. Luckilly he agreed and we saw 'Three Outlaw Samuarai' around 2. I'm still surprised we found the Balboa since it was rather hidden within SF. Perhaps these many trips are getting us better acquainted with 'the city', one can only guess.


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