Tuesday, January 10


Just about to head off to lunch at the Moo with Mr. Jack. This'll have to be quick like.

Goal #1: Clean up my face!
My face is vastly improving. Clinque is a beautiful if not expensive thing. Though I am taking a bit of joy in watching the toner diminish a bit each day and watch as the embedded "Clinque" in my bar of soap becomes less visible after multiple washes. Just nice to see that I am indeed using purchase.

Goal #2: Throw a successful dinner party!

So I told Paul, whose house I'm using for the Dinner Party, that he was hosting a dinner party. We agreed on later this month and the potluck idea. We've even started mentioning it to friends. I'm getting rather excited. Need to start looking for desserts and sides, etc.

Well must jet. Started knitting class last night. Wow! There are just some things you can not learn from a book. Kissing, how to make pie crust, and knitting are just a few.


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