Wednesday, January 11

Night and Day...

Today has been an action packed day yet it's only 3:00 o'clock. The Daily Dish won't even be up yet! /sigh

Goal #1: Clean up my face!

So last night on a whim, I stopped by the Clinque counter in the student bookstore. (Btw, who have ever heard of a bookstore having a makeup counter?!?) I hoped I'd time it right and make my purchases (see here and here) before the bus left. I was in luck! By the time I got to the bus station, the bus wasn't even there yet. Turns out I was either very early (highly unlikely) or they were very late (closer to the truth!) [Side note: Mr. Jack's bus was on time so we got to walk home together! Aw...((I'm such a dork!))] But back to my goal - I've been having some rather unsightly blemis- Oh I'll just be frank! -my face has looked like a battlefield and my chin and mouth area have been bombed severly. While I don't have many if any new zits the old marks still show like beauty battle scars. So I'm hoping that not only will these new products help me keep the troops at bay but also get rid of the horrid red reminders. I'll let you know.

Goal #2: Throw a successful dinner party!
I need to call Popo and set up a date for the dinner party as well as send out evites. Oh and that pesky little..what to serve decision. /grin

Well back to work! Only fifteen more minutes before my daily dish of gossip! Woot!

Update: Dish is up at 3:12! I'm such a lucky girl!!


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