Thursday, January 19

Back from bed...the story continues

Well after a long holiday weekend spent cleaning house and only leaving those same four walls for hours at a time, I'm pleased and joyful even to head to work. Being sick has that effect on me. If I'm really sick I realize how nice not being sick is and suddenly appreciate everything so much more. Perhaps I should get sick more often. Just start licking random dirty windows in hopes of another virus. It's a thought.

1. Clean My Face
My face is going to be a permanent battle, I think. Not that I'm giving up or throwing in the cotton ball, in this case, but I'm realizing that my skin isn't going to be pristine like it once was when I was pre-PCOS and pre-hormones. I'm not upset about if anything the challenge is exciting. It's like the zits have formed a collective and thrown down the gauntlet. I shall indeed TAKE THIS CHALLENGE!

2. Dinner Party
I sent out the email today about the dinner party. I'm happy that most of the responses I've received so far have been yes and they've actually included the side type they plan to bring. Woot! I also found a chicken pot pie recipe that I want to test before I serve it. Btw, I picked chicken pot pie as the main entree. Everyone who has responded so far seems rather enthused. So I need to do a test CPP this weekend. Maybe even another during the week. Jourdan and I will be pot pied before we even get to our potluck. He hee.

Side note: I found my camera transfer cable again. Still missing the answering machine though.


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