Friday, January 13

I smell like bed..

...and not in a good way.

After much persuading yesterday, I went home at lunch sick. Everyone was right I am just sick. Mr. Jack really stuck it to me when he said "Taking care of yourself isn't just about buying expensive goo." So I stayed home again today. Woke up sometime around noon. Sweaty, nasty and feeling yuck. I've been moping around ever since. But I'm happy to admit that I am feeling a wee bit better. I won't be running around the block this weekend but maybe my entire 3-day weekend isn't blown just yet.

1. Clean My Face
Regardless of how sick, I crawled out of bed and cleaned my face this morning. Course I've now got a wee zit by my temple. /sigh

2. Dinner Party
Putting planning off until I'm feeling better. The idea of talking about food isn't a pleasant one.


Anonymous Cat said...

Poor Moony! I hope you feel better soon!!!

5:26 PM  

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