Wednesday, March 1

Wha? I have a blog..

Otherwise Known As.."I completely forgot to post!"

My mind has been elsewhere lately and I'm not all together too certain where elsewhere is. Maybe the weather in elsewhere is nicer than here. Lately it's been rainy and then it gets sunny right at 10 'til noon, so I think about going for a walk at lunch, but then 10 minutes later it's rainy/hailing/nasty. But today was beautiful. A bit cold but nice and I really enjoyed the walk. Note to self: Buy yourself some shoe supports.

1. Clean My Face
Well little more than a month after dedicating myself to washing my face, and I can go without wearing cover up make up. My face isn't perfect, you can still see uneven skin tone, etc. but I'm zit free and happy. This week is my "on the flo" week so I'm keeping an eye out on my skin and dabbing on some extra zit creme during lunch.

3. Lose Weight
Since it is the week of the flo, I'm not sure how I'm going to do at the scales this weekend. Typically I've gained but I've learned a lot this week. You really do have to write down every single thing you eat. I've been flaking on that during this time and the last, so I'm being extra dilligent. I'm hoping to be down 10 pounds by April!

5. Start walking
This week, as I mentioned, the rain has been playing havoc with my schedule. I need to get one more run in this week. I'm hoping tomorrow will be decent.


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