Friday, January 27

I swing between starved & stuffed

Since I started dieting (ONLY 3 DAYS AGO?!?) I've swayed between starving and stuffed. Usually I start my swing shift around 4 p.m. But whatever. I feel better aside from the rumbling in my tummy. I'm really hoping this pays off and I lose some weight next Tuesday. If I don't, I think I'll become the Hulk, rip my clothes, and cannibalize the rest of the meeting attendees. Y'know, or I'll grumble and step off the scale.

But whatever, that's not until Tuesday (which is so far away) and I a dinner party this Saturday! Woooot! I'm excited about picking a new goal. It appears that personal goals must be kept to three or less.

1. Clean My Face
This zap zit goo has really knocked out the recurring zits. My face is starting to look much better. Yeah!! I even kicked the "evil tip of my nose zit monster" off his lofty throne before he ever made a full fledged appearence. That really deserves a woot woot!

2. Dinner Party
Tonight, we're making the CPP and Key Lime Pie for the Party on Sunday. I'm really hopeful that everything goes well. Meow is already talking about planning the next one at the end of February. He mentioned making a wine list for our pot luck. Well more of a menu. I just might do that while I'm waitinf for 4:59 at work.

3. Lose Weight
We couldn't lunch at Applebee's today because every electrician and old granny was there eating at the annual "Old Lady and Middle Aged Electrician" luncheon. So we hauled it over to Cafe Italia, which was also a tad full. Since it was a bit of a shake up I was nervous about what I was going to order but I had a garden burger with pickles and peppers on the side. Both pickles and peppers being far healthier and WW friendly than french fries. But tonight we're treating ourselves to an In and Out burger and splitting the fries. I'm so excited to get to eat like a normal person! Husband and I talked about how we couldn't do this diet again if we didn't eat like normal people. I'm thinking about trying to take some of my favorite food recipes and trying to slim them down a bit, since I've become a big fan of cooking.


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