Wednesday, January 25

Last night, husband and I went back to Weight Watchers. The hardest part of the evening was actually walking out of the car to the meeting. Not physically hard but emotionally. This whole program, while incredibly beneficial, is tough for me to start. It means taking care of something I'd rather ignore and it also means that I have a problem. /gasp I'm not perfect! /gasp Once I got inside, it was the usual routine. Everyone is friendly and nice and the leader is pleasant enough. Not quite as fun as our previous leader who was a "balls to the walls" type. But where Gretchen, our first leader, was encouraging in a loud and course way, this new leader is soft and gentle. Her personality almost reminds of a laundry dryer sheet. She's soft, smells nice, and just makes you feel warm and snuggly afterwards. MY LEADER IS SNUGGLES THE FABRIC SOFTNER BEAR!!! So after the meeting, we went to Safeway and bought waay too much healthy food. I think mostly because we know we have to surround ourselves with healthy food and also because we were starving. We didn't leave the grocery store until 8, waay past our dinner time. So I had egg flower soup (2 points) and he had veggies and chicken stir fry. We watched Frankie & Johnny. And I realized that Al Pacino always looked old.

1. Clean My Face

Bought some zap your zit goo at the grocery store. I swear all this zit hunting makes me think of my face a big Space Invaders game screen.

2. Dinner Party
I realized on our drive home for the Safeway (when all I could think about was food) was that we are going to have loads of sides and etc. along with a main entree or two but no dessert. I think I'm going to make my key lime bars again except in pie shape.

Lime Bars


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