Monday, February 6

ZOME! I almost forgot..

I have a blog! I could have been posting a long post here instead of reading waay old posts on other blogs! poor readers!

1. Clean My Face I'm happy to report that my face is still pretty darn clean and is looking better everday. I don't have to use as much make up as I did last week. So all in all I'm quite pleased. I've still got a wee bit to do..but much closer than I was a month ago.

2. Dinner Party CASE CLOSED!

3. Lose Weight I went to WI on Saturday and I lost exactly 2 pounds! My horrible monthly visitor chimed in (side note: so glad that today might be the laaast day!) so we'll see if that makes any difference when I weigh in on Tuesday. We're going to get back on schedule. The Saturday leader was nice, still not Gretchen, but friendly and helpful. I thought it was a good and productive meeting. We went to split an omlette and walk around Farmer's Market afterwards.

4. Send Valentines! For my first fun goal, I sure haven't done anything. Jourdan showed me some law and order valentines his friend made but I'm not really looking for anything that professional. I really want something personal and home made. (a) cause it's cheaper (b) cause I think homemade shows more love and (c) cause I'm itching for another craft project!

Well off to knitting tonight!!


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