Thursday, February 2

2. Dinner Party : a tasty success!!

1. Clean My Face
My face is almost completely free of nasty red zits! I'm so pleased! I know this isn't the time to start slacking off on my cleaning but boy just having a fresh face every morning is a nice change of pace. I think the zit cream is really what turned the tide in my favor. ALL HAIL ZIT CREAM!! /we're not worthy!

2. Dinner Party COMPLETED! I'm so very happy to say that I've finally achieved and completed a goal. The dinner party was really fun! There was a bigger turn out than I expected and lots and lots of good food. So much food in fact that we're having another party using the leftovers this weekend. I'm grateful that Paul lent us his home and nice table along with lots and lots of dishes. What a nice way to kick off the year, no?

Jan. 28 Dinner Party

3. Lose Weight
Our WI (weigh in) was Tuesday but I came down with another bladder infection. OY! I'm just finishing the antibiotics but what a pain, literally! Needless to say, we didn't go to WI but we're going on Saturday. However, I have noticed little changes: I have more energy, my waist looks different, and food is NOW so different (e.g. Yesterday I chose not to eat some tasty little 3 Musketeers fun size bars because I knew I had better chocolate for less points at home. I never imagined I'd be such a chocolate snob. /shrug)

4. Send Valentines!
I'm thinking of sending Valentine postcards to all my friends. Need to find the paper and pattern! Finally a FUN GOAL!!


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