Wednesday, February 22

Returnith - 4. Send Valentines! DONE...kinda!

I'm back. After far too long away from my blog, I returnith. Returnith isn't a real word but it makes my return seem so much more dramatic, no? Well where was I? I was busy, bust at work. Busy getting together a large meeting and now it's complete. It was a grand success and for that I'm grateful. But I'm enthusiastically charged about the fact it's over and over means I can relax. And relax = good.

1. Clean My Face
Last week all the stress, gave me two large zits. Yuck but they too shall pass thanks to dilligent cleaning. I'm really surprised that I've been able to keep up with this as long as I have. I'm not certain that my face is back to the way I used to remember it but it is undoubtedly better than it was at the beginning of the year.

3. Lose Weight
I've been keeping track of my points on a daily basis. Monday was a bit tough because I'm not at a computer all day thus not likely to log on and do my points. But I did nonetheless and I'm glad. I can get so tired and yet I did it anyway. Even though my mind/negative spirit didn't want to. And sticking with the program has seemed to help. I lost a pound last week, 2.5 pounds the week before, etc for a total of 7 pounds total. I'd like to keep my weekly loss to a pound a week. I'm not sure that's possible but it'd certainly be nice.

4. Send Valentines!
DONE...kinda! Because I was so busy running around trying to finish up my big meeting for work. I completely neglected this wish and but it on the back burner until finally it was Feb. 14th. So in a last minute ditch effort not to stop/fail a goal I sent out a quickie email to everyone I knew. It wasn't what I dreamed of doing. No I dreamed of looking up everyone's addresses and sending them home-made Martha Stewart-esque valentine postcards, but I sent of cheapy emails instead. I think the sentiment is all that counts and my mom and family were rather surprised. While I'd still like to randomly mail out some attractive postcards, it'll be a project for the summer, I think.

Now I need a new goal and I think I have just the one.

5. Start walking.
These ladies at work walk every day at lunch and I promised I'd join them after the big meeting. So Saturday I bought a pair of Nikes and went out with them for a walk on Tuesday. It was nice. During the first half I thougth I might die but once I got past the midway turn it was easy. I missed having lunch with husband but I think it's a good way to get in some exercise. For the time being I'm only going to go for 2x a week. And as most who know me know, I'm a cheapskate so I'll be darned if I'm going to waste those new Nikes. I do love them so. I'll have to take pictures!

Other news: I took off Friday to rest after the big event at work. Husband and I lounged around the house and did absolutely nothing. It was more than I could have possibly imagined it to be. Saturday we went and took a tour of Scharfen Berger Chocolate Factory. It was a great tour, had a great time, got lots of free chocolate and a free dent in my CAR! Someone in the parking lot backed into my car and left NO NOTE! I'm beyond angry but that's why we have insurance. I'm trying to move on and pray that karma will take care of this one for me. Then we went out for retail therapy on 4th street then for a nice fish dinner at Spengers. Sunday, Husband's dad and brother came over and we made them dinner. It was nice to have someone over to our "clean" house. (I sped cleaned like you wouldn't believe!) I'm glad to say they enjoyed our WW meal. I think we might need to entertain a fellow couple some time. Hmm..Monday, I got to play online with my bestest buddy. For me that was a real treat. I've been blessed with a lot of great online friends and I'm grateful. I started my wee little mage on the path to herbalism and made some in game money. Oooh money, how I love thee. ;)


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