Monday, December 6

Girls who just want to have fun...

Sunday, mr.jack and I attended Jenny's Christmas party. There was a nice mix of people I knew and people I didn't along with yummy sugar cookies. (I ATE SOO MANY! Even the wonky colored ones that Chris made.) I had a cold this weekend (what a way to start the holiday season, no?) so I wasn't exactly at my best but I'm glad that I sucked it up and went. We had a great time! I played Settlers of Catan for the first time, watched mr.jack kick butt at Halo2, and sang karaoke. Now, I'm not the best singer in the world. I wish I was but I've come to face the cold reality that I just won't be as good as Sheena E. or Pat Benetar. But after growing up as a dork and losing valuable self esteem points during times of endless ridicule, aka elementary school, I've learned that sometimes in order to have a good time you have to put your cojones out here and give it you best shot. (Right Pat?) So mr.jack and I kicked it off with a stirring rendition of "California Dreamin'" duet style. It wasn't very good, even in the most generous of terms, but it started everyone else down the path of sober karaoke. So I learned a valuable lesson, for every good party there must be ONE or TWO sacraficial lambs in the name of Karaoke. So should your party be lacking in doofs who'll risk their pride for your guest's entertainment, give us a ring.

P.S. Jenny has a seriously nice set of pipes.


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