Tuesday, January 11

The Truth Doesn't Need Much

Lately, I've been run over with the use of words that are too large, too ackward, and too unnecessary. I realize that it's the norm in the world of academia but sometimes, like on Monday at the copier, I find myself longing for simple phrases and just one word phrases. Even though I jabber jaw most of the time I do secretly covet those who can just say "nice" and have it hold an aire of mystery about it. I mean the typical cool guy is the one who doesn't say much but when he says anything even it's just a simple grunt, the world seems to slow down and take notice. So why then do we flounder about trying to impress others with words that are just too big?

But all I can figure is that maybe the old addage "you are what you eat" isn't nearly as true as "you are what you say." If you use large words when necessary you're smart, nice, and not full of yourself. And if you don't you're the opposite. And if you use too many, like myself, you're just a jabber jaw.

Either way...hearing support described as "robust" just made me start to think.


Blogger Old SAW - S. A. Wilson said...

robustly said... but wa do i no.

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